Our digital banking solutions are used by banks and credit unions of all sizes all over the world to create customer-focused digital services that help to:

  • Promote self-service and engagement
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase online revenue
  • Improve customer service
  • Maximize customers’ online experience

Financial institutions across the world are investing in improving their software.  In Europe alone, according to a recent survey £18 billion was invested by the banking industry.

So, shouldn’t you be accelerating your digital services, using the best software, and competing effectively against other banks in a digital world?

We would like to help you to enhance your customers’ digital banking experience with more responsive, more intuitive, more flexible software.

Set yourself apart from your competition with iBank and mBank. It will improve your, and your customer’s, digital experience and positively impact your bank.

iBank is a highly secure, flexible, multilingual Internet and mobile banking platform that gives your customers access to their financial information through their browser or their mobile device 24 hours a day seven days a week.

iBank’s inbuilt features specifically address the unique needs of the corporate customer whilst ensuring a personal experience for the individual.

iBank is licensed on a white label basis and is configured to your house style ensuring the protection of your valuable brand.

iBank works with any legacy system. It enables any financial institution to offer Internet and mobile banking services to its customers with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure. iBank enables any institution to breathe life into its legacy systems.

iBank has many features that are unique to the complex needs of the corporate customer and in particular, the ability to set their own mandates such as individuals within the corporation can only initiate and/or sign payments up to a predetermined level.

To find out more about iBank and mBank our internet and mobile banking software simply fill in your details on the right-hand side of this page and we will get in touch without delay.


Cash Management

The Cash Management module enables the customer to see the balances of all their accounts and the underlying movements. There are extensive facilities for searching, sorting and filtering movements to make it easy to find and/or reconcile them. Statements and movements can be downloaded to be included in spreadsheet applications (for examples). Statements can also be printed in your house style. Where transactions have generated an accounting movement it is also possible to drill down to see the underlying transaction.

Payments and Transfers

The Payments and Transfers module enables you your customer to initiate payments and transfers from their device. Message formats currently supported include SWIFT, BACS, Faster Payments and CHAPS. For corporate customers as well as having user-defined multi-level sign of within the application floor level checks can be imposed by the bank such that the payment stops in the back office so that additional security checks can be made. The use of beneficiary templates means that data entry errors are rarely encountered resulting in a high level of straight through processing. It also means that there is a high level of data security.

Bulk Payments

Regular bulk payments are used in those circumstances where the customer has to make multiple payments on a regular basis as in the case of end of month salaries. Payments can be initiated in any of the formats defined within the payments and transfers module.

Secure Email

iBank enables the bank enables the bank to communicate with its customers over an encrypted point-to-point communication thereby not exposing its private communications to the vagaries and routing of SMTP messages.


We take Security very seriously with iBank. Randomised keyword and the use of the mouse to enter variable characters eliminate the possibility of keyboard tracking. Time limited single use SMS access codes minimise the possibility of passwords falling into the wrong hands, IP address blocking and encrypted lines are some of the methods that we use to ensure the security of your customer’s data.

Disaster Recovery

Optional Database Replication ensures that your iBank system still available even in the event of losing the primary data centre from which it is running.