International Financial Systems is a company rich with the benefits of a background in consulting. Our consultants together with our associates provide a complete range of professional services to complement all of our solutions. All are experienced bankers and project managers with many years of practical, hands-on experience in the financial sector and bring real value to any project we are involved in.

New Bank Openings

We have worked in multiple jurisdictions around the world, and are experienced in helping new banks set up their operations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In addition to providing all of the necessary software and related training, our consultants can advise on all aspects of banking including, but not limited to, policies, procedures, job specifications, staff recruitment and resourcing senior staff. Our consultants can also be used in an interim management role, until such times as the bank is fully operational and running under its own initiatives.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Our consultants have a range of tools that they use to attack your website(s) and produce a report of the threats against which you have no protection. Normally, this is a combination of hardware and software security. Once those vulnerabilities have been resolved, we will run the tests again to verify the system’s robustness. We will continue to work with you regularly thereafter ensuring the continued security of your online presence.

Customisation and Development

Our entire range of software can be personalised to meet the unique requirements of your business. Alternatively, our team of highly experienced developers can create a new, bespoke system for your company from inception.

Software Support

We understand how important our software is to the efficiency and profitability of your business, and this is reflected in our dedicated customer support team. We offer a comprehensive after sales service that includes personalised and extended contracts, and out of hours support options.

Systems Implementation

Our dedicated consultants plan, project manage and assist in the implementation of our software – regardless of where it is installed. Each consultant has many years’ experience of software systems within the banking and finance arena, and will create an implementation plan that suits your particular needs.


To complement our software, we offer a complete range of training courses. Training can be held either in our own training centre or conducted on-site and will be tailored to your exact requirements and preferences.

Workshops and Reality Checks

We hold workshops and reality checks each time new modules are installed or the software is upgraded. This ensures that you are using our software to its fullest capacity, and are maximising your investment and its efficiency.

Disaster Recovery

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Our customers have access to a purpose-built disaster recovery suite from where they can plan, build and test their contingency plans. This process ensures that you are always prepared for every possibility, and results in a reliable and credible financial system. iFinancial gives you and your institution the confidence to drive your business forward.

More Information

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