Cumulus is a bank agnostic, cash management and payments platform that enables banks and others to provide cash management and payment services directly to their customers

Cumulus is of particular interest to fund managers and solicitors and any institution where there is a need to segregate client money from operational funds.

It is invaluable to charities and associations who might have the money held in many bank accounts and do not get the benefit of managing those funds centrally.

It is also applicable to debt management agencies and local authorities who need to manage money directly on behalf of the account holder.

Cumulus allows the user to create and maintain a single “trust” account at their bank whilst maintaining an individual virtual bank account for the customer to which, if required, debit cards can be attached. Cumulus will link into any bank cash management solution with little, or no, customisation.

Cumulus is a licensed cash management and payments platform that can be used on a ‘white label’ basis and will be configured to your house style ensuring the protection of your valuable brand and reputation.

To find out more about CUMULUS our cash management and payments platform simply fill in your details on the right-hand side of this page and we will get in touch without delay.


Cash Management

The Cash Management module allows the user to set up multiple accounts for the customer in a variety of currencies and to pay interest on it less a nominal handling fee. It can also be configured to take a monthly account maintenance charge if that is what your business model requires. Similarly one or more debit cards can be attached to the account.

Payments and Transfers

The Payment Module enables the user to initiate payments in a variety of formats SWIFT, BACS, FPS, CHAPS and to deliver those payments electronically to their clearing bank for action. The accounting for those transactions and the deduction of the appropriate commission is automated.

Customer Internet Access

For those Cumulus customers who require it Internet access can be given to the virtual account holder to provide a better customer experience and to automate the payment process making valuable savings in terms of efficiency and accuracy.