AMLtrac – Proven Anti Money Laundering Software:

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Simple, effective, and award-winning AMLtrac is our state-of-the-art anti money laundering software and counter-terrorist financing solution.

AMLtrac is designed to work on a multi-layered, multi-branch level either as a deployed or Cloud solution. This language-independent system is the ultimate in sophistication for financial institutions around the world.

Designed to the highest technical standards, AMLtrac identifies, tracks, and controls suspicious activities that may indicate criminal behavior.

How Does AMLtrac Anti Money Laundering Software Work?

AMLtrac is your weapon in the fight against anti money laundering activity. Because no two organisations are the same, an AML Software installation is a modular process, wherein expert technology is implemented to meet the exact requirements of your organisation.

Our state-of-the-art modular approach to anti-money laundering software ensures that you can create the ultimate system for your business. What’s more, you can add new modules at a later stage without financial penalties.

Integrate Seamlessly with Other Solutions

AMLtrac integrates easily with BankWare, iBank and mBank technology, and it can work efficiently alongside other back-office legacy systems, complementing your existing software investments.

Find out more about protecting your business using AMLtrac?

Simply fill in our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with details on implementing your very own AMLtrac solution.

The Features of AMLtrac

As a modular anti-money-laundering solution, all AMLtrac installations can be customised to suit your organisation. Some of the features we offer include:

KYC & Document Management:

The Document Management and KYC (Know Your Customer) module is a centralised data storage solution designed to evaluate all the elements that constitute a customer relationship in your organisation. AMLtrac allows users to scan and store user-defined documents that help to identify a specific customer. The system automatically scans against government sanction lists during customer on-boarding and can be configured to check against third-party lists for PEPs, SOE, and adverse media.

Account Monitoring and Transaction Tracking

This module creates a highly-intuitive virtual tracking account for each of your customer relationships, tracking transactions on the day they occur. The transactions can then be compared to transaction and turnover profiles pre-established during customer onboarding. All exceptions to the rules are instantly reported to the “Alert Management System” to be resolved at a time that suits you.

SWIFT Message Screening

The SWIFT message screening system checks ALL outbound and inbound SWIFT messages in real-time, comparing them against key government sanction lists and third-party lists. Messages can be screened for sanctioned countries and banned words. You can even add your “Own Approved List” items into the mix to reduce the risk of false positives and improve the accuracy of your anti-laundering strategy.

Alert Management System

AMLtrac’s simple and streamlined tool for case management, the Alert Management system is our award-winning tool for user experience. Here, every alert can be dealt with according to your preferred strategy. All actions undertaken by a case manager are recorded and stored in your personal journal, for a comprehensive audit trail.

Screening and Filtering Engine

Feel secure with our “Screening and Filtering Engine” or “SAFE”. Essential to KYC, SWIFT, and NameChecker screening, SAFE can be used either on a stand-alone basis or as part of your modular approach to anti-money-laundering.

Common Reporting Standard

The Common Reporting System gathers data from crucial back-office systems and consolidates it using state-of-the-art technology. This creates the necessary export files you need in the prescribed format. For compliance and performance, you can rely on the AMLtrac approach to financial security.

Cash Remittance

The AMLtrac Cash Remittance module is designed for institutions with a walk-in consumer base. It’s perfectly suited to the small money bureau, or anyone who regularly remits cash to known beneficiaries. Visual identification helps to minimise the risk of fraud, and limits can be placed on the beneficiary and remitter on a daily and pre-established period schedule.

Management Information

AMLtrac provides dashboards brimming with crucial information that gives you complete control over your anti money laundering policies and procedures at all times. With AMLtrac, you always have the peace of mind and confidence you need to keep your organisation free of regulatory fines and reputational risk!