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SWIFT Service

The SWIFT Service Bureau offers a secure and reliable outsourcing solu­tion for Banks, Corporates and non-Banking Financial Institutions who must process time critical payments reliably.

The certified SWIFT Service Bureau fulfils highest security and availability needs. All hardware and network components are fully redundant and proven BCM technology is in place supported by an experienced team to ensure a continuous update of all SWIFT applications and infrastructure to meet the fast-changing technical requirements.

The SWIFT Service Bureau provides a highly featured application for the pro­ces­s­ing of financial messages through the SWIFT network. The application utilises an intuitive GUI for monitoring and manual message processing. Configurable workflow patterns and customizable host adapters support a smooth integration with both all back-office legacy systems and iFinancial internal applications.

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The SWIFT Service Bureau and the SWIFT application, MessageManager, are SWIFT certified and customers can be confident that the Bureau conforms with the strict rules covering privacy, resilience and operational excellence


The service Bureaus meet the highest standards in both physical and data security, They are
operated in two highly secure, separate, fully redundant data centres located in Switzerland.
Comprehensive security procedures and extensive auditing of all user actions and system events
are standard. Integrated message archiving stores your data securely for up to 10 years.

Support for industry standards

The Service bureau supports the processing the FIN, FileAct and Interact services. It supports all SWIFT message formats, including ISO 20022, Funds, FIN, SIC , EuroSic and EBICS and even non-SWIFT formats through the transformation engine

Flexibility & Integration

An easy-to-use GUI for authorisation, manual messaging and business monitoring makes day to day operation simple for both experienced and novice users. The workflow for automated and manual messages is configurable so the systems match your needs. A range of customizable host adapters makes integration with you internal and back-office systems a straight forward, risk free integration process. A wide range of configurable reporting capabilities are available

AML & compliance

integrated Financial Crime Compliance with established sanction lists is provided


A hosted, integrated service for reconciliation of Cash, Securities and Forex

Customer benefits

reduced overall costs through shared service (SaaS model, outsourcing)
reduced operational costs due to high level of automation
less operational risk thanks to fail-safe and audit proven message exchange via SWIFT with comprehensive business monitoring