How can we help you?

How can we help you?

We are looking forward with enthusiasm to tell you about some of the improvements, new developments and ways we can help you.

The reason for this news article is simple. So many of the people who know us, or who are our clients ‘pigeonhole’ us. For example, they may buy AMLtrac from us and see us as the Anti Money Laundering people.

Or, it’s BankWare and we are known as the Banking Software Company. However, the truth is we are all those things and much more. This is your glimpse into how we can help you now!

Core Banking – BankWare

We will soon be releasing version 10.0 of BankWare, our core banking system. This includes a host of new features and improvements such as SWIFT templates; loan prepayments and many, many others that we have developed in partnership with our customers.

If you haven’t participated in these developments don’t worry, as all customers will receive a licence fee-free upgrade as part of our CUE (Continuous Upgrade & Enhancement) policy.

Digital Banking – Internet & Mobile Banking

We will be rolling out the PSD2 enhancements to all users of our Digital Banking Platform as the year unfolds.

We shall also be taking the opportunity to re-engineer both our internet and mobile banking products to take advantage of the latest changes in development tools, so that we continue to meet, and beat, today’s technological requirements.

In addition, some functional improvements of our own will be made whilst engaging with our customers to get their feedback on what they, and their customers, need.

AMLtrac – Anti Money Laundering Toolbox

We shall continue working with our partners Dow Jones to further integrate their lists with our data.

Our plans include improving still further our Letter of Credit checking capabilities with, amongst other things, the introduction of Dual-Purpose Goods checking using the Dow Jones lists as our primary data source. There are also plans to introduce Common Reporting Standard tax reporting functionality.

Cash Management and Payment Services

Cumulus is a bank agnostic, cash management, and payments platform that enables banks and others to provide cash management and payment services directly to their customers.

Cumulus is of particular interest to fund managers and solicitors and any institution where there is a need to segregate client money from operational funds.

It is invaluable to charities and associations who might have the money held in many bank accounts and do not get the benefit of managing those funds centrally.