Just a short update…

iFinancial Update

Just a short note to give you an iFinancial update you on our business and how we are coping in this strange new world we all now live in.

We have of course implemented everything that we need to do, based upon the safety of our clients and employees, many of which are working from home.

We have made adjustments to our offices which will allow better use of space and meet with all current government advice and regulations, including a rigorous cleaning schedule.

Other than that, everything is normal, which includes.

  • Our implementation work is continuing to be done remotely.
  • The digital banking work we do continues to flourish and again this is done remotely
  • Our support service is working as effectively as ever and with offices in several countries
  • We are meeting new clients using social distancing, or on zoom.com
  • We are getting lots of enquiries, both in the UK and the rest of the world.

So, the message is – We are firing on all cylinders. Working 100% and ready to help you to protect yourself and your business in terms of AML, or improve your banking software and take a giant leap forwards in 2021.