PRESS RELEASE – Debit Card Processing Available

Debit cards available. We are pleased to announce that International Financial Systems has added a debit card processing module to our core banking platform BankWare.

The cards are attached to a current (checking) account in the normal way with multiple cards being operable per single account.

One of the BankWare unique features is that the cards can have different characteristics thus, for example, on a family account children could be given a card that limits the number and value of any transactions they do during a single day and takes away the ability to check account balances whereas, of course, the adult card would have the full functionality normally associated with a debit card.

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BankWare also retains information concerning the livery of all cards available to be issued and can be used to drive an EMV card printer for instant issuance of a debit card whilst the customer waits in the banking hall.

Additionally, the module has a browser-based call centre and an IVR system for the purposes of checking balances, activating, blocking or reporting lost or stolen cards.

Managing Director Matthew Day says – “The introduction of the debit card module underlines our growing commitment to the retail banking sector. We expect to see an increasing use of this new module as our retail banking footprint continues to increase”