Gibraltar Savings Bank (GSB) goes live – first phase in a three phase project (PR)

After an extensive period of parallel running Gibraltar Savings Bank has gone live on the first phase of a three-phased implementation plan to replace their in-house legacy system. Gibraltar Savings Bank are using BankWare as the core banking system and has just implemented Instant Access Deposits; Teller Services and General Ledger modules for its 11,000 savers.

In order to build the BankWare database data customer data was exported from the Gibraltar Savings Bank’s legacy system and loaded into AMLtrac’s KYC and document management module where the data was scanned against the various government sanction lists and risk-weighted before being loaded into BankWare.

The remaining phases are planned to be the introduction of iFinancial’s Internet and mobile banking platforms; on island closed-loop debit cards and the replacement of the legacy Debentures system.