iFinancial begins beta testing of mBank

International Financial Systems Ltd (iFinancial) has announced that it has begun beta testing of its mobile banking application mBank with its customers. Beta testing is expected to take 3 months after which mBank will be commercially available.

mBank is part of iFinancial’s Customer Delivery Channel (CDC) solution which also includes its Internet banking product iBank that has been operational and in the field for some time. CDC works with iFinancial’s core banking solution BankWare and also integrates seamlessly into other core banking solutions enabling them to offer digital
services to their customers.

Sales director Matthew Day said “We are very pleased to make this important announcement. It shows our continued commitment to keeping our product range current and enables banks, whether using BankWare or not, to be able to deliver their services and information to their customers in a modern and easy-to-use way. We look forward to mBank becoming a great success.”


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