€18 billion in banking software invested by European banks

Banking Software – The European Banking Federation (EFB) has released figures that show that European banks have invested more than €18 billion in banking software.

The survey included 108 banks of different sizes in 12 European countries.

It is clear that software is becoming an increasing core asset in the banking industry.

EFB’s recent projections suggested that IT investments by European banks will be above €50 billion per year, with a significant part of that investment being in software.

However, due to banking regulations, European banks have to match its software investment with an equivalent amount of capital to maintain ratios.

The European Banking Federation went on to say that the current revision of the Capital Requirements Regulation presents an opportunity for Europe to establish fair competition in its banking marketplace.

Terry Day Managing Director of iFinancial said – “These figures represent the importance of software to the banking industry and demonstrates the willingness of banks to invest in banking software in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness”.

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