Sterling Bank and Trust signs for BankWare

Sterling Bank and Trust, a new bank in the Bahamas, has signed to use UK-based core banking and anti-money laundering software vendor International Financial Systems BankWare as its core banking platform. In particular the bank will be using the Multi-currency Accounting; Exposure Management, Current Accounts (DDA’s); Deposits; Loans; Payments; and SWIFT modules from the BankWare portfolio of retail and wholesale banking solutions.

The Internet portal is being developed by the bank so as to conform to the look and feel of the Sterling Group and interacts with BankWare using standard published APIs.

Matthew Day iFinancial sales director said:

“We are very pleased to have been chosen by SBT for the new operation and look forward to working with them. BankWare is a very scalable product and will suit the needs and budget of the new operation from day one but the bank can be confident that it will grow and expand as their business grows and expands.”


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