Bank of St Helena remains with iFinancial

In March 2015 it was reported that the Bank of St. Helena was looking to replace the software solutions supplied by iFinancial London. However having done extensive research the bank has decided that they will be renewing their licence with iFinancial and working with them to enhance their current offering.

Managing director Rosie Bargo explains “The iFinancial software supports the bank’s operations in St Helena and the Ascension Islands. St Helena is facing a vital change , in particularly the building of the new airport and we wanted to ensure that we had systems and infrastructure to support the changes that we are anticipating”.

To conduct the study the bank first did a detailed and prioritised specification of user requirements, engaged the services of a UK independent banking systems consultant, and then sent a team to spent two months in the UK working exclusively on the project before making their final recommendations to the board.

“We are now working closely with the iFinancial team to enhance certain aspects of the software that are essential to an island as unique as St Helena”. IFinancial managing director Terry Day says “We are delighted that the Bank of St Helena has decided to stay with us. They have been a customer for many years and we have an excellent working relationship with them. We look forward to the exciting changes that are taking place on island and having the opportunity of meeting the challenges they bring.”


More about iFinancial 

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